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The moment we talk about the DW717 10" CHICAGO ELECTRIC 12 DOUBLE BEVEL SLIDING 10 miter saw, we cannot neglect the unique bezel retention system in it that has seven positive stop points to provide fast and accurate repeatable cuts. This adjustable craftsman miter saw offers the best 12-inch cross-cutting capability at a 45 angle. Thanks to the rear guide design. It includes a stainless-steel miter lock plate and cam lock for accuracy, durability, and easy adjustments. It is one of the handiest tools for a lumberjack these days.

Whether you cut baseboards or moldings, the DEWALT craftsman miter saw offers fast, accurate cuts to complete the job. With a powerful motor, easy-to-adjust cam lock tab handle, convenient beveled miter stops and an excellent guide for extensive moldings, this saw is ready for use in many applications.

Intelligent and robust design for fast and accurate cuts
A healthy and reliable 15-amp motor backs the 10-inch blade of the DEWALT MITER SAW. By offering a free-wheel speed of 4,000 rpm, it allows for quick cutting of frames and moldings, as well as other cross-cutting and miter cutting jobs.

This rugged saw is designed to provide precise cuts, enabling the versatile configurations required for tab applications. The stainless-steel adjustable miter retaining tab of the right miter system has 11 positive stops for easy setup and greater efficiency.

An easy-to-adjust cam lock tab handle offers fast, accurate miter angles and a convenient retention bypass feature that allows you to adjust the miter setting without dragging the saw to the miter joints. And the large capacity of the miter saw (0 to 60 degrees left and 0 to 52 degrees right) adds versatility.

Large fenced and compact sliding rails
The high fence supports a 6-1 / 4-inch vertically nested crown molding, as well as a 6-inch molding base against the wall. The wall slides easily when it comes time to make bevel cuts. This saw is kept compact thanks to its sliding saw two horizontal steel rails with an innovative clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings for increased precision and durability.

Larger bevelling capacity and convenient stops
This saw is designed to provide fast and accurate bevel cuts. You can easily configure bevel cuts from 0 to 48 degrees to the left and right. This convenient configuration offers higher capacity for larger jobs and allows you to turn the saw over instead of the material. Plus, with multiple bevel stops, finding and adjusting bevel angles is a quick and easy process.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, the unique saw guide design allows you to make 45-degree bevel cuts across wood up to 2 x 14 inches in size.

Portable and compatible with the DEWALT laser system
This lightweight, lightweight miter saw weighs only 21 kg and has a built-in carry handle that allows you to quickly move it around the workplace and lift it comfortably when storing the saw at the end of the day.

For accuracy and ease of use, this saw is compatible with the DEWALT DW7187 Adjustable Tab Saw System (sold separately), which ensures an easy to see a cut line through a red laser line.

A DEWALT warranty package that includes a three-year limited warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee is also included with this 10-inch double-sided sliding combination miter saw.

What's in the box
DEWALT DW717 double compound beveled sliding miter saw 10 inches.
Various features of

  • OPTIMIZED CUTTING PRECISION: exclusive cutting heads with transverse cutting stops for maximum vertical cutting capacity
  • 45-DEGREE BEVEL CUTTING CAPACITY: 45-degree Bevel Cutting Capacity (Dimensional Wood) is 2x12 (2x14 with Back Grid)
  • FASTER AND MORE ACCURATE: exclusive bezel stop system with seven positive stops for quick, accurate and repeatable cuts
  • ADJUSTABLE MOLD PLATE: Adjustable tab steel plate with 11 positive stops
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: Features cam lock for increased precision, durability and easy adjustments

Exclusive eyewear retention system with seven positive stops for fast, precise and repeatable cuts
Adjustable stainless-steel miter plate with 11 positive stops.

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Double Countersink Mitre Saw 12 "(305 mm)
A15-amp motor for increased power and durability, a stainless-steel tab lock plate and a cam lock for repeatable accuracy and durability are some of the varies features of the 12 "DW716 double chamfered combination miter saw. Simple adjustments High skid supports supporting 6-5 / 8 "nested crown and 6-1 / 2" vertical base molding Lightweight design, locking pin in the head and integrated carrying handle for better portability.

Double insulation

The double insulation tools are made entirely with two separate layers or with a layer of a double thickness of electrical insulation, which protects the user from the cordless system tool. The tools manufactured with this insulation system do not require a ground connection. Consequently, this tool is equipped with a plug of two connectors that allows you to use extension cables without having to worry about keeping the ground connection.
NOTE: Double insulation does not replace standard safety precautions that should be taken when using this tool. The insulation system is an additional protection measure against any injury resulting from a possible electrical failure of the internal insulation system of the device.
Repair or replace damaged cables.

Polarized plugs
The polarized plugs (one leg is wider than the other) are used in the equipment for reducing the risk of electric shock. This plug fits into the polarized outlet of a single way. If by chance the cap does not provide to the outlet, then reverse the plug. And if, even then it does not fit properly, have a qualified electrician install an appropriate outlet. Do not change the plug in any way.

Safety instructions for all tools
This miter saw is compatible with DEWALT laser and works light supplements.

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  • WARNING: To reduce the risk of eye injuries, ALWAYS use protection for the eyes when operating the miter saw.
  • REMOVE THE ADJUSTMENT KEYS AND NUT KEYS. Get used to verify that The adjustment keys and wrenches have been removed from the shaft before turning the tool on. Tools, discarded pieces, and other types of debris can be fired at high speed and cause injuries.
  • KEEP THE WORK AREA CLEAN. Spaces and workbenches crowded cause accidents.
  • DO NOT USE THE MACHINE IN DANGEROUS PLACES. The use of power tools in Wet or wet locations or the rain can cause electric shock or electrocution. Keep your work area well-lit to avoid tripping or endangering arms, hands, and fingers.
  • KEEP CHILDREN AWAY. Visitors must stay at a safe distance from the work area. Your workshop is a potentially dangerous place.
  • PROCEDURE THAT YOUR WORKSHOP IS SAFE FOR CHILDREN; place padlocks and switches or remove the keys that trigger the tools. If a child or visitor turns on a machine without authorization, could cause injuries.
  • DO NOT FORCE THE TOOL. It will work better and will be safer if you use it at speed for which it was designed.
  • USE THE APPROPRIATE TOOL. Do not force the tool or accessories to perform tasks for which they were not designed. Using the wrong tool or accessory It can cause personal injuries.
  • USE ADEQUATE CLOTHING. One should avoid wearing loose clothing, gloves, ties, rings, bracelets, or other jewelry that may be caught between moving parts. The use of non-slip footwear is recommended. Collect and cover long hair. The ventilation holes can Cover moving parts, so they should also be avoided.
  • ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY LENSES. The glasses of daily use are NOT glassing of security. Also, use face masks or dust masks if the cuts produce dust.

dewalt miter saw, dw717, 10 miter saw, craftsman miter saw, porter cable miter, dewalt 12 (305mm) double-bevel sliding compound miter saw, chicago electric 12 double bevel sliding, lumberjack, dws780 12 double bevel sliding compound miter saw

Eye protection according to ANSI Z87.1 (CAN / CSA Z94.3)
Hearing protection according to ANSI S12.6 (S3.19)
Respiratory protection according to NIOSH / OSHA / MSHA standards

Additional safety rules for miter saws

  • WARNING: Do not ignore safety rules because you are familiar with the tool(due to the frequent use of your saw). Always remember that oversight of a fraction of second is enough to cause serious injury.
  • DO NOT OPERATE THIS MACHINE until it is fully assembled and installed, depending on the
  • instructions. An incorrectly mounted machine can cause severe damage.
  • ASK FOR ADVICE from your supervisor, your instructor, or a qualified person if you are not familiar with the operation of this machine. Knowledge guarantees security.

dewalt miter saw, dw717, 10 miter saw, craftsman miter saw, porter cable miter, dewalt 12 (305mm) double-bevel sliding compound miter saw, chicago electric 12 double bevel sliding, lumberjack, dws780 12 double bevel sliding compound miter saw


  • STABILITY. Make sure that the miter saw is attached to a surface of the support and do not slide or move during use. If the mobility game is installed, lift the movable wheel so that the saw is in its fixed position.
  • RESPECT ALL WIRING CODES and recommended electrical connections to prevent the risk of electric shock or electrocution. Protect the supply line with at least one 15-amp circuit breaker or a delayed-action fuse of 15 amps.
  • MAKE SURE THE blade turns in the correct direction. The teeth of the leaf should point in the course of rotation as indicated on the saw.
  • ADJUST ALL FASTENING HANDLES, knobs, and levers before operating the tool. If there are loose clamps, the parts or the workpiece can be fired from the machine at high speed.
  • MAKE SURE all sheets and braces on the sheets are clean, that the sides sausages of the leaf clamps are against the blade and that the chuck screw is well adjusted. If the edge is loose or not adjusted properly, it can damage the saw and cause injury.
  • ALWAYS USE A SHARPENED SHEET. Verify that the sheet moves correctly and without vibration. A blade without edge or vibration can damage the machine or cause serious injury.
  • DO NOT OPERATE WITH ANY VOLTAGE OTHER FROM THAT FOR WHICH THE SAW WAS DESIGNED. Overheating can cause damage to the tool and injuries can occur personally
  • DO NOT LOCK THE FAN WITH OBJECTS to stop the motor shaft. The device may be damaged, and possible personal injury may occur.
  • DO NOT force the cutting action. The complete or partial stop of the motor can cause damage to the
  • machine or blade, also, can lead to severe injuries.
  • OPERATE THE ENGINE AT ALL SPEED before starting to cut. Remember, the tool begins to cut too early, which may damage the machine or the blade, in addition to causing severe injuries.
  • NEVER CUT FERROUS METALS (containing iron or steel) or masonry. These materials can blow off the carbide tips of the blade at high speed and cause serious injuries.
  • DO NOT USE ABRASIVE DISCS. The excess heat and abrasive particles that these discs generated can damage the saw and result in personal injury.
  • NEVER position yourself in such a position that any part of the body is on the same line as the path of the blade of the saw. There can be severe injuries.
  • NEVER apply lubricant to the working edge. When using the lubricant, the hand could meet the blade, and serious injuries can occur.
  • DO NOT place your hands in the area of the module while the saw is connected to the source feeding. Unintentional actuation of the blade can cause serious injury.
  • DO NOT PERFORM OPERATIONS WITHOUT USING HANDS (when the workpiece is not firmly held against the fence and the table). Hold the work securely against the guide and the table. Freehand operations on a miter saw could make the workpiece get fired at high speed and cause serious injuries.
  • NEVER STRETCH AROUND or behind the saw blade. A leaf can cause serious injuries.
  • DO NOT attempt to reach objects under the saw, unless it is switched off and unplugged. Any body part that meets the blade may suffer a personal injury.
  • ATTACH THE MACHINE ON A STABLE SUPPORT SURFACE. The machine could slip, move from place or tip over due to vibration and cause severe damage.
  • USE ONLY TRANSVERSE CUT SAW BLADES that is recommended for use with a miter saw. To get the best results, do not use carbide-tipped blades with a hook angle higher than 7 degrees. Do not use leaves with deep steps. They could encounter the guard and divert it and in this way damage the machine or cause serious injury.

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