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DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw DCS374B Deep Cut Review


Battery-powered components are often very useful due to their own portability. An individual can often rely upon their own mobile band-saw because of the ability to work anywhere no matter available power sources. Dewalt has generated lots of distinct ability programs, however, their lineup of mobile kinds is especially interesting as a result of a fantastic price-to-quality ratio. To put it differently, you'll locate a high-tech mobile band-saw for a reasonable price and never being forced to be worried about longevity, durability, and trustworthiness.

This specific version is the optimal remedy for lovers and professionals. In regards to a significant lot of additional capabilities, fantastic trimming potential, and also most of all -- simplistic design and style. If you should be searching for an all-purpose tool that won't allow you to down in the midst of the undertaking, have some time and assess this one, it truly is significantly more than capable of working together with all the typical person's prerequisites.

The DCS374B Cordless band-saw is perfect for chopping program 40 pipe, uni all or any ribbon. This application gives you the ability to select the group watched into the job. You don't have to become attached to the seat or some cable.

This 20V MAXDecision Brushless band-saw gets the capacity and run-time you are expecting from DEWALT. Having a 20V MAX* Brushless engine and capacity to use any dewalt dcs374b or FLEXVOLT batteries, then it will cut up to 5. Rectangular fabric as well as 4. Round cloth. Additionally, it has a blade rate controller, incorporated dangle hook, and also a lasting foundation.

5. Cutting capability

4. Cut capacity pops to 4 in. Sch-40 pipe along with dual-paned

Built-in Dangle hook enables the user to hang on the watched without even hurting front grip or foundation

Tool-less blade altering lever calms blade strain for Simple blade adjustments

LED work light with 20-minute delay bright dark work surfaces to get true cutting

Variable-rate for flexibility and management

Battery and charger sold Separately

Component of this 20-Volt MAX platform

DEWALT constructed brushless engine for functionality and Endurance


  • Electrical power -- 20V 5Ah battery
  • Excess weight -- 12.4 Pounds
  • Electrical power origin -- Vacuum (Battery powered )
  • Minimize capability -- 4-3/4 inches (around ), 5 x 4-3/4 inches (square foot )
  • Variable-rate
  • LED lighting
  • dewalt dcs374b -- The Fundamentals

Because you might be aware, Dewalt has been based in various approaches, however, their ability programs are what sticks outside because of the main victory. Needless to mention this specific version is no distinct from their other kinds as soon as it regards reliability, quality, and efficacy. It's battery life so that it even includes some limits about downtime and deficiency of electrical power, as well as the selling price. But in the event that you should be searching for something which is mobile and rather straightforward to make use of, then the DCS 374B may possibly be a pretty excellent resolution.

Your prior practical experience is not as vital as it might seem on account of the simplistic style and design with this particular unit. To put it differently, it truly is pretty easy and may be properly used by both the pros and enthusiastic DIY-ers. It has a handful of neat capabilities, a battery life, and also the charging channel.

DCS 374B Transportable Band-saw

The Attributes

The Style

The look is not substantially different from Makita's, using a couple of noteworthy variances. The very first gap an individual will instantly notice could be the characteristic of rubberized shroud rubber coat onto your system generally. It truly is better also will be offering greater security. But it might likewise be quite a weight for those that usually need to transform blades. It isn't just a huge deal, nonetheless, nevertheless, it ought to really be talked about.

dewalt band saw dcs374b manual

The battery is far more streamlined in contrast with almost every other version. It's not awkward nor awkward, even though it is really a little weighty. About the flip side, the total burden of more than 1-2 pounds can be just a clear upside down in the event you believe the burden of identical units which will consume up to 15-16 lbs as a whole. The variable rate trigger is the thing that causes this device to stick out. It enables one to finetune the blade rate onto the move, rather than needing to bother with complicated alterations. The incorporated dangling hook can be actually a remarkable improvement for the reason that it permits you to get a grip on the tension and in addition the total equilibrium of this machine.


As a result of speed control, this specific version may minimize the number of staff. But, it truly is advocated chiefly for cutting edge vinyl and metallic pipes. Keep in mind, diverse blades are all demanded diverse substances. In addition, the battery life greatly is dependent upon which substances you are putting on and at what rate. The battery needs to endure for more or less a day under drastic usage or maybe a few weeks using routine usage.

Other Capabilities

Essentially the very noteworthy additional characteristic may be that the LED light. It isn't substantially different in the people which may be seen on different designs, however, it will not stick out as far better as a result of this added 20s delay. To put it differently, that you really do not need to grip your finger over the light change in the least moments.

Chopping plumbing together with dewalt dcs374b


  • High-quality
  • Permanent
  • Very good battery lifetime


  • Somewhat costlier compared with other versions
  • Matters we enjoyed in it

There are tons of stuff that individuals saw exciting. The very first noteworthy one will be that the total caliber of the machine. While many other models generally get an inexpensive' texture, that you absolutely feel dependable and dependable. The substances utilized for your own look are all hardy, plus you also will not need to be concerned about harmful the system using a surprising bulge or perhaps a decline. On the contrary, it really is intended to stand up to a significant beating but performs as promoted.

Another point we enjoyed is how everything you have to have to be able to allow it to work out of this box is comprised. For this reason, you are going to receive the charging channel battery, and also a challenging instance in the event that you at any time choose to spend money on this specific version. As the cost is a little greater in contrast with Makita, it really is for a fantastic explanation -- that this 1 will not deliver any extra bills.

Matters we did not enjoy

Astonishingly we could not locate any noteworthy downsides, although nit-picking. An individual could declare that the battery can persist for somewhat more, however, it is maybe not at all something that's a dealbreaker normally.

The consumer service department some times demands a day or two until they provide a concrete reply with their clients, but has nothing to accomplish for this particular specific solution, even though it needs to really be mentioned.

Normal Impressions

This really is among those top-recommended band saws for those which do not desire to run extensive exploration in order to discover something which's more inviting in a variety of methods. To put it differently, for those who are not sure what version to purchase or are trying to select, do not be afraid to go for this specific one, it is going to meet the majority of one's own expectations. Experts appreciate its precision while amateurs enjoy the total ease and too little complicated alterations.


In the long run, 1 issue continues to be --"Can it be worth having the item?" The brief solution is Yes it is. On an even far more in-depth scale, even in the event that you should be searching for utter energy and extended performance in a single fee, that really is among many most useful choices it's possible to possibly make. It may surely cost you a number of dollars greater than normal, however, it is unquestionably well worth every penny. But in the event that you should be an occasional consumer using light needs, then you can find a number of additional models which charge much less but present quite very similar capabilities.

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