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DEWALT DCS388T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Brushless Reciprocating Saw Battery Kit Review


Subsequent upward within our appearance at DeWalt's FlexVolt lineup of gear would be your Dewalt DCS388T1 Found. The reciprocating notice goes to 1951 and it has undoubtedly come to a way since its initial artists envisioned a driven hacksaw. Blade technological innovation has really already reached the position at which in fact the reciprocating noticed is currently thought of a passionate demolition instrument because of the flexibility of being in a position to reduce both timber and alloy one of additional substances.

The DeWalt FlexVolt Reciprocating notice operates at 60V Max (54V minimal ) and contains many folks speaking in exactly what it could possibly be in a position to accomplish so cordless reciprocating generators will not have the ability to attain in their lesser voltages. With just wrapped up our semi-automatic saw shoot-out, we have experienced tons of time for you to get the job done well with all the Dewalt DCS388T1 noticed. Thus what do you need to count on?

Let us figure it out.

The dewalt dcs388t1 is optimized for run-time and endurance. It supplies the ability of the corded reciprocating watch with all the reliability and ease of the chainsaw throughout DeWalt's ground-breaking FLEXVOLT technological innovation. The DCS388T1 includes a 60 v-max lithium-ion battery and a quick charger.


  • Is Sold using a single 60V MAX lithium-ion battery and Quick charger
  • Rubber overmold clasp for relaxation
  • KeyLess Lever Action blade clamp for Fast and Effortless blade varies
  • Capabilities Value Noting
  • The moment it regards the real attributes, the Dewalt DCS388T1 Saw comes with a fairly basic setup once you think of it contrary to heavy electrical designs. But a number of the characteristics that look to be missing -- such as orbital motion -- are still overlooked to the majority of cordless saws.
  • The ability of cordless together with all the liberty of cordless
  • The LED lighting will help illuminate darkish Job-site work Locations
  • Rubber overmold clasp for relaxation
  • KeyLess Lever Action blade clamp for Fast and Effortless blade varies
  • Pivoting shoe Offers leverage for Unique software
  • Design: dewalt dcs388t1
  • Power-tool Type: Cordless
  • Procedure: 60V
  • Stroke Each Minute: 0-3000 SPM
  • Variable-Speed Bring about: Certainly
  • Anti-Slip Comfort-grip: Certainly
  • Flexible Shoe: Pivoting
  • For Metal-cutting: Certainly
  • For Wooden Slimming: Certainly
  • Software Fat: 10.1 pounds.

Warranty: Three Years limited, 1-year complimentary Provider, 90-day Money-back guarantee

You'll find plenty of matters the FlexVolt reciprocating noticed comes with going to this. Evidently, it truly is jogging in a significantly higher voltage compared to additional cordless generators now available on the industry. We understand voltage is not everything (bear in mind, volts x amps = energy in watts), however, should gear just like the FlexVolt Miter noticed possess something to say regarding it now, we ought to expect extra authority across the 20V Max line.

Most Useful Cordless Reciprocating Found Shoot-out Voltage

Battery/tool voltages out of our shoot out.

The present battery is currently on the level with different batteries regarding 5 hours in 108. But, that is becoming encouraged by 50 percent whenever the brand new FlexVolt battery happens with 162 5 hours at ancient 20 17. This will chiefly alter the operating period, however, if grant small energy boost too. As soon as it really is functioning, there's definitely an LED lighting to get rid of some other shadowy locations and also a variable rate activate can assist you in maintaining you minimize in check.

Blade alterations really are simple with the blade clamp lever over the beyond the top home.

One particular feature which appears to be lost would be the capacity to correct the length of this shoe. It pivots, nevertheless, you also may not have the ability to lengthen or shorten it to acquire more usage out your blade duration. Still, another feature forfeited that is not ordinary, however, it is usually good to own but is that a rafter hook.


Ergonomically, you can find a number of difficulties to conquer all the Dewalt DCS388T1 noticed. The greatest one maybe your weight reduction. Because of the tool that is bare, the notice weighs at 7.76 lbs and jumps up to 10.08 kilos with all the recent FlexVolt battery life. That is the majority of those gears we've simply analyzed, however, very near to exactly what Makita and Milwaukee think about.

Most Useful Cordless Reciprocating Found Shootout Weight

Bodyweight for just about every viewed bare with battery life tested inside our shoot out.

Following the burden dilemma, points begin to appear. The straight back grip includes DeWalt's sleek layout and rubber over-mold, which makes for a cozy grasp. The top home is likewise quite standard to put on along with your aid hands.

Overall performance

Within our screening, the Dewalt DCS388T1 noticed fared fairly much for cutting edge rate. When trimming pressure treated 2 X12 using 5 16D claws embedded inside the noticed caused it to be throughout in 19.44 minutes that was fine sufficient fourth-place, less-than 2/10 of some minute supporting Milwaukee. This really is where using orbital reducing actions will have helped the FlexVolt stick outside.

In metallic cutting edge down, the FlexVolt has begun to grow the rankings. This absolutely was at 2nd place complete, chopping three items of just one in. EMT and 2 bits of 3/4 in. EMT tube in only 10.65 minutes.

Underneath the load, the ergonomics had been only a tiny shaky. The burden of this saw has been that the greatest variable, combining by shaking to tiredness our arms quickly compared to one other gear we've analyzed. There is absolutely no built-in vibration reduction tech cited by DeWalt, therefore that there has been felt vibration hitting our arms compared to almost all of one additional saw.

The Main Point

DeWalt has abandoned by themselves room for advancement with all the FlexVolt reciprocating noticed. Incorporating orbital activity should instantly set it or close to the very top of cutting edge operation in timber software. It is close to the surface when trimming metal, therefore that inclusion will ensure it is among those top acting cordless saws out there.

In case your instrument resembles a monster, then you could forgive beast-like fat loss. I believe that is going to be true together with all the dewalt dcs388t1 noticed the moment they possess exactly the operation at which it ought to become. But what might send this viewed over-the-top is to build up a few anti vibration technologies that will greatly offset the tiredness which arrives out of employing a recipe noticed.

And I'd love to get a rafter hook.

Though the voltage would be the finest among those cordless saws we've analyzed, the total battery power continues to be quite ordinary. It really is simply an issue of months prior to the greater capability FlexVolt battery gets available also fosters it from 50 percent.

What exactly does this render us is your Dewalt DCS388T1 observed a stud or dud?

Properly, neither. Solid slicing operation will help overcome ergonomic limits also it earns my suggestion to get users. It really is definitely a far cry in your reciprocating gears we're using only two or three ages past, especially inside the cordless industry. If you should be on DeWalt's FlexVolt lineup, that really is actually a buy you may go up ahead of time and create. But, it truly is maybe not the type of instrument that will induce one to leap in the FlexVolt battery stage by itself.

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