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DeWalt DCS393B Bare Tool Circular Review


DEWALT is one of the manufacturers of power and hand tools in America currently. Over the years, the brand has created a reputation for designing some of the best strength and hand tools in the market. The company continually looks to make the best tools that are affordable and also durable at the same time. The company's 20V MAX Li-Ion range has been doing wonders, and it consists of some of the best tools that can be used for a variety of applications by different individuals. Most of the offerings that we have seen from DEWALT have satisfied all our needs.

Recently, we thought of reviewing the circular saw offered by the company and came across DEWALT DCS393 20 Volt MAX 6 ½" Circular Saw. Yes, the name may look huge, but the tool that we are going to look at is compact and lightweight as you can imagine. One of the complaints that we have heard from circular saw owners is that they are bulky and not easy to handle. But, DEWALT DCS393 solves this problem with ease. You can easily handle the tool using one hand and even carry it anywhere as you wish.

If you are searching for a circular saw currently that is powerful and multi-functional, then you should not look further than the DEWALT DCS393. The machine comes with a lot of features that will help ease your tasks, and we would recommend every woodworker to have this in their arsenal.

It doesn't matter if you are working on wood, slate, aluminum, or metal sheets; this tool has enough power and speed to cut through all of them without any hassle. We often look for products that are designed with the user as a first thing in mind, and DEWALT has a reputation for being user-friendly. The company has made its name after gaining the trust of users all over the world. Today, we will be looking at the DEWALT DCS393 Circular Saw, and in this review, we will be mentioning all the necessary details and check if the features that the company is offering are worthy or not.

Product Overview: DEWALT DCS393 bare tool 20V MAX 6 1/2" circular saw in bulk packaging
Item Weight: 7.63 pounds
Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 9 x 10 inches
Item model number: DCS393B
Style: Circular Saw
Manufacturer: DEWALT
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DEWALT DCS393 Circular Saw arrived at us in beautiful packaging. The company took care of all the shipping safety standards. The box mentioned some of the essential features of the tool on the outside. We were excited to open and look at the things that came inside with the machine. Though, it is the only tool, so we knew that there would not be any extra components. Still, we were not able to contain the excitement.

When we opened the box, we found the DEWALT DCS393 Circular saw and also the instruction manual. We would recommend you to read the manual before you start using the tool. It will guide you about the essential features and how you can effectively use the product to get the maximum output. We looked at the instruction manual, and DEWALT has done an excellent job in explaining the ins and outs of the tool. We would say that the company takes care of the users who are purchasing the product.

Design: As we have mentioned earlier, the circular saw is compact and lightweight. A single individual can handle it easily. This makes the machine user-friendly. Though, one of my friends said that while working the machine can create fatigue after prolonged usage. But, when we used it the one-hand handling ability, we didn't experience any problem. The device weighs around 7 pounds, and the dimensions are also good enough. We agree that vertical cutting can be problematic at times, but this is the case with most of the circular saws in the market. The machine has a rubber molded grip for providing extra comfort to the users, and it also comes in the classic yellow and black colors combination that DEWALT has been using for years now. The rubber molded grip is the highlight of the machine's design as it doesn't allow the saw to slip during cutting. It also makes sure that the user has enough balance between holding it to perfection.

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Some of the essential features of Dewalt DCS393 Circular Saw:
- The DEWALT 20V Max Li-Ion Cordless 6.5" Circular Saw delivers power and 3700 RPM motor to make the most demanding cuts with ease.
- Blade diameter: 6.5" (16.5 cm)
- Bevel capacity: 0 - 50°
- Capacity at 90°: 2-1/4" (5.7 cm)
- Capacity at 45°: 1-5/8" (4.1 cm)
- It comes with a high strength magnesium shoe, which helps in providing job site durability for long-term cutting accuracy.
- The optimized rubber over-molded grip delivers the correct balance and control to the users.
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Power, speed, and versatility: The things that we need to take care while buying a circular saw are power and speed. The DEWALT DCS393 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw comes with the rate of 3700 strokes per minute. The tool is not only capable of cutting wood items but also sheets of metal and aluminum. The machine comes with a 6.5? blade with a bevel capacity of 50 degrees, which means you can use it for a variety of applications. The tool is, without a doubt, one of the most potent circular saws in its price range. The machine allows the user to make the most demanding cuts with ease. Every cut made using the circular saw is accurate because of the presence of a high-strength steel shoe. The model's carbide-tipped 6.5? blade makes it easier for the user to work easy for the users when it comes into contact with the item you are cutting through. We were highly impressed with the features the saw is equipped with.
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Blades: As it is clear from the title itself that the company only offers a bare tool, which means you will need to purchase things like blade and batteries by yourself. We would recommend you to buy two blades - DEWALT DW9196 6-1/2-Inch 40T Cutting Precision Finishing Saw Blade and DEWALT DW9199 6-1/2-Inch 24T Precision Framing Saw Blade. Both of them will help you to cut through different materials with ease. Both of them have the anti-kickback design that reinforces carbide tip in use. They also come with an anti-stick rim that reduces friction and gum-up.

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Battery: When it comes to battery, the circular saw is powered by a single DEWALT 20V MAX battery with Lithium-Ion technology. It is powerful enough to last long during work. But, when we tested the machine for heavier applications, it was not able to perform upto the mark. So, we would recommend you to purchase at least two batteries as the company doesn't send any with the package. If you have any tool from the 20V range offered by DEWALT, then you can use the one you already have. Other than the performance, the battery performed well, and it is powerful enough to allow the machine to cut through different materials with ease.

One of the things that most users complain is that there is no presence of a variable speed trigger. Yes, we also were disappointed, but when we slowed down the speed of cut, then we got surprising results. The machine was able to perform different types of cutting with accuracy and cleanliness. If you stabilize the rig, the cutting process becomes a lot easier and accurate. Even if you are standing in an awkward position, the platform will be able to hold and push through items with ease.

Bevel Cuts: One of the essential reasons behind purchasing a circular saw is the there ability to make bevel cuts. It is a type of cut that is made at an angle other than 90 degrees. It is done along with the thickness of the material you are cutting through. The cut is angled relative to the surface of the material. When it comes to DEWALT DCS393 Circular Saw, the company has provided a bevel capacity of 50 Degrees, which is more than sufficient even if working at tight places. We used the tool to check how the cuts look, and we would love to tell you that they were entirely accurate and clean at the same time. We didn't have to give it a professional finish.

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Warranty: When it comes to warranty, DEWALT has given similar assurances to all the products that fall in the 20V Max range. The DEWALT DCS393 comes with a limited three-year warranty. The company also provides a 1-year free service contract. Yes, it may not be the best warranty deal looking at the price and other products in a similar range, but the trustworthiness of DEWALT is enough for the users. The tool is durable and is made to last long.

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Pros of DEWALT DCS393 Bare Tool 20V MAX 6 1/2" Circular Saw:
- The machine is sturdy and the speed it provides can quickly severe cuts with the 460 MWO, 3700 RPM motor.
- The device comes with a bevel capacity of 0 to 50 Degrees, which mean you can perform several applications with ease.
- The optimized over molded comfort grip provides reasonable control while cutting and doesn't allow the machine to slip while using it.
- The high strength and lightweight magnesium shoe provide more extended durability even when used at job sites regularly.
- The materials can be cut easily at 90, and 45 Degrees with the help of 6-1/2" carbide tipped blade.
- The bevel cuttings using the machine is accurate and useful for users working in tight areas.
- The saw is lightweight and compact, which means you can easily handle it during an extended period of work.
- The tool comes with a three-year limited warranty paired with a 1-year service warranty.
- The saw is affordable and can be purchased by anyone from contractors to hobbyists.
- The set up of the machine is quite easy, and the depth control feature helps more when used with precision.

Cons of DEWALT DCS393 Bare Tool 20V MAX 6 1/2" Circular Saw:
- The machine does come with blades, battery, or charger. They are needed to be purchased separately.
- Some users face problems during long periods of work due to weight.
- There is no presence of LED work light to help in working in places with low light.

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Final thoughts on DEWALT DCS393 Bare Tool 20V MAX 6 1/2" Circular Saw:
It is another circular saw by DEWALT that has impressed us on many different levels. The design of the saw is one of its highlights. It is lightweight and compact as compared to the other saws in the market. The machine has been manufactured with comfort in mind, and the rubber molded grip ensures that it doesn't fall off while working. The saw can cut through thick pieces of wood with precision. The bevel cut capability is also fantastic, and the results you get are clean and accurate. With over 3700 revolutions per minute, you will be able to cut through the most robust items with ease. The high strength and lightweight shoe provides job site durability and also make sure long-term cut accuracy.

We were quite happy with the offerings of DEWALT, and it is another product that we were delighted to review. We have mentioned every little thing that you must know about the product before purchasing it. There are several other options available in the market currently including Worxsaw Worx WX429I, Rockwell RK3441K, DEWALT DCS620B, and Ryobi P501; we would be happy if you check and compare the saw with them. It will help you in making the best purchase. Other than this, we would recommend you to purchase DEWALT DCS393.

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