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DEWALT DWE7490X 10-Inch Table Scissor Review


This DEWALT construction table saw offers comfort and flexibility thanks to the added value of the scissor holder that allows you to configure it anywhere in your workplace.
Combine power and portability
Telescopic rack and pinion guide rails for fast, smooth and precise guide adjustment are just some of the features of the DEWALT DWE7490X 10 "Worktable Circular Saw with Scissor Holder. The patented material holder can be used for small cutting cuts, with a cutting capacity of 28 inches to reduce a variety of cutting and large cutting materials quickly. It also has a hinged lid that allows small cuts and telescopic rails to retract to create a small portable package.

dewalt dwe7490x, 10 inch table, rip fence, throat plate, push stick, miter gauge, riving knife, Site-Pro modular guarding systemthroat plate

This saw is equipped with a 15.0-amp high torque motor capable of cutting pressure treated wood and hardwoods. It offers 3-1 / 8 inches of cutting depth at 90 degrees and 2-1 / 4 inches at 45 degrees. The Site-Pro modular protection system allows tool-free adjustment of the appropriate protection components for each application. This unit also includes a 2-inch dust collection port that easily connects to a vacuum cleaner for efficient dust extraction. This combo saw/stand has a storage space on the plate that provides easy access to Site-Pro Guarding components and pusher when not in use. A 26-1 / 4-inch X 22-inch table provides superior hardware support. This unit also comes with a compact folding stand for secure and independent use at the workplace. The 3-year DEWALT manufacturer's warranty covers all of this.

Be it power tools and accessories, including cordless and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, milling machines, milling machines, plate collators, sandblasters, lasers , generators, compressors, nails, saw blades, drills, metal and masonry, abrasives, boating accessories and more, DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of all of the above. DEWALT tools are available nationally and internationally where they are sold. With over 1,000 authorized plant sites, DEWALT has one of the most extensive services and repair networks in North America.

What's in the box
Meter gauge

10-inch table of tungsten carbide blade, 24 teeth
Foldable stand
Common applications
Cabinet installers: filling tables.

Hardwood Floor Installers; plucking the floorboards
Joiners: tear-off moldings, cladding, tear and cross-section of a 1X material to frame bookshelves and entertainment centers, and tear wood frames.
Deck Builders: Deck Board Tears, Rail Cover, Handrail
Renovators: lacrimal wood frame, sheet material (4 feet x 8 feet).
Serious carpenters: home builders, tear sheet materials (4 feet x 8 feet), wooden frame, 2 inches x 12 inches, material dimensions up to 3 inches thick, cross section and cross-section 1x material used for dice, rabbits, shrouds and spikes.

Important safety instructions
TO REDUCE THE RISK OF RECHARGING AND OTHER INJURIES, use all components of the protection system (blade guard, riveting blade and back-up guard) for each operation for which they can be used, including during cutting.
* REMOVE THE ADJUSTMENT KEYS. Make a habit of checking that the keys and adjusting keys are removed from the stem before starting the tool. Tools, scrap and other debris can be thrown at high speed, causing injury.
* KEEP WORK AREA CLEAN. Messy areas and banks are prone to accidents.
* DO NOT USE THE MACHINE IN A HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT. Using power tools in wet or damp locations or the rain can cause electric shock or electric shock. Keep your work area well-lit to avoid tripping or putting your arms, hands, and fingers in danger.
* KEEP CHILDREN AWAY. All visitors must stay at a safe distance from the work area. Your store is a potentially dangerous environment.
* MAKE YOUR ANTI-CHILD WORKSHOP with padlocks, main switches or by removing starter keys. Unauthorized starting of a machine by a child or visitor can cause injury.
* DO NOT FORCE THE TOOL. It will do the job better and be safer at the speed for which it was designed.
* USE THE CORRECT TOOL. Do not force the tool or attachment to do work for which it was not intended. Using the wrong tool or accessory can result in injury.

* USE AN ADEQUATE EXTENSION CORD. If your product is equipped with a cable set, use only 3-wire extension cords with 3-prong grounding plugs and 3-pole receptacles that accept the tool plug. When using an extension cord, be sure to use one that is heavy enough to withstand the current your product will consume. The insufficient cable will cause a voltage drop, loss of power, and overheating. The table below shows the appropriate size to use based on the length of the wire and the amp rating on the nameplate. If in doubt, use the next heavier gauge. The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the cable.
* USE RIGHT CLOTHES. Non-slip shoes are recommended. Use a protective coating for long hair. Aerators can cover moving parts and should also be avoided.

* ALWAYS wear approved safety protection equipment that meets the following standards:
* Eye protection: AS / NZS1337 eye protectors for industrial applications;
* Hearing Protection: AS / NZS1270 Acoustics - Hearing Protection;
* Respiratory protection: respirators AS / NZS1716.

* DO NOT REMOVE. Always maintain posture and balance. Loss of balance can cause injury.
* KEEP TOOLS WITH CAUTION. Need to keep blades sharp and clean for better and safer performance. Follow the instructions to lubricate and change the accessories. Edges are poorly maintained, machinery can further damage the blade or machine and cause injury.

* TURN OFF THE MACHINE AND UNPLUG THE MACHINE FROM THE POWER SUPPLY before installing or removing accessories, before adjusting or modifying the configuration, making any repairs or changing locations. Do not touch the metal pins on the plug when disconnecting or plugging in the cord. Accidental starting can cause injury.
* REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURED STARTING. In the event of a power failure, set the switch to the "OFF" position. Accidental starting can cause injury.
* USE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES. Use only the accessories recommended by the manufacturer for your model. Accessories that fit a tool can be dangerous when used with another device. Refer to the instruction manual for recommended accessories. The use of improper accessories can cause injury.
* NEVER STOP ON THE TOOL. Serious injury can occur if the tool is tilted or if the cutting tool accidentally comes into contact.
* CHECK DAMAGED PARTS. Before continuing to use the tool, carefully check to see if a damaged guard or part is in good condition to check that it is working correctly: check alignment of moving parts, assembly of moving parts. A guard or other damaged part must be repaired or replaced successfully. The tool should not be used if the parts are damaged or improper. Broken pieces can cause additional damage to the machine and personal injury.
* POWER ADDRESS. Enter the job on a blade or cutter in the opposite direction of the blade or cutter rotation.
* NEVER LEAVE THE TOOL WITHOUT SURVEILLANCE. Turn off the power. Do not leave the tool until it is completely stopped. Serious injury may occur.
* DO NOT USE ELECTRIC TOOLS NEAR FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS OR GASEOUS OR EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERES. The motors and switches of these tools can turn on and off the smoke.
* DO NOT PERMIT FAMILIARITY (obtained by frequent use of your saw) TO REPLACE SAFETY RULES. Always remember that a fraction of a second of inattention is enough to inflict serious injury.

dewalt dwe7490x, 10 inch table, rip fence, throat plate, push stick, miter gauge, riving knife, Site-Pro modular guarding systemthroat plate


Additional safety rules for table saws
WARNING: ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. Everyday glasses are NOT safety glasses. Also, use a face mask or dust mask if the cutting operation is dusty. All users and viewers MUST ALWAYS wear certified safety equipment:
Eye protection: AS / NZS1337 eye protectors for industrial applications;
Hearing Protection: AS / NZS1270 Acoustics - Hearing Protection;
Respiratory protection: respirators AS / NZS1716.

* WARNING: Do not expose to rain and do not use in damp places.
* AVOID UNLOADED POSITIONS, where a sudden slip could cause a hand to move towards a saw blade.
* NEVER HIT THE BACK OF THE CUTTING TOOL with one side or the other to hold the workpiece.
* KEEP ARMS, HANDS, AND FINGERS AWAY from blade to avoid serious injury.
* USE DOLLS, JIGS, FASTENERS OR BOARD PLATES TO HELP GUIDE AND ORDER THE WORKPIECE. Accessories for use with your tool are available at an additional charge from your local dealer or an authorized service center. This manual contains instructions for the manufacture of a push stick, a narrow auxiliary guide for tearing, a push block and feather boards.

* NEVER CUT METALS, CEMENT PANELS OR MASONRY. Some synthetic materials have special instructions for table saw cutting. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Damage to the saw and injury can result.
* THE PROPER THROAT PLATE MUST BE BLOCKED INTO PLACE AT ALL TIMES to reduce the risk of splatter and possible swelling.
* USE THE CORRECT SAW BLADE FOR THE OPERATION PROVIDED. The blade should turn towards the front of the saw. Always tighten the nuts well. Before use, inspect the blade for cracks or missing teeth. Do not use a damaged or dull knife.
* NEVER TRY TO CLEAR A SAW SHEET WITHOUT TIGHTENING THE STRENGTH OF THE MACHINE AND DISCONNECT THE SAW FROM THE FEED. If any part or cut is stuck inside the blade guard, turn off the saw and wait for the blade to stop before lifting the blade guard and removing the workpiece.
* NEVER START THE MACHINE with the workpiece against the edge to reduce the risk of splatter and injury.
* NEVER have a part of your body aligned with the path of the saw blade. Personal injury may occur.
* NEVER CARRY OUT WORK OF SETTING, ASSEMBLY OR CONFIGURATION on the table/work area while the machine is running. A sudden slip can move a hand toward the blade. Serious injury may occur.
* CLEAN TABLE / WORK AREA BEFORE EXITING THE MACHINE. Lock the switch to the "OFF" position and unplug it from the power source to prevent unauthorized use.
* IF YOUR SAW makes an unknown sound or vibrates excessively, stop operating immediately, turn off the power and unplug it from the power source until the problem is located and corrected. If you do not find the problem, contact a DeWalt service center, an authorized DeWalt service center, or other qualified personnel.

dewalt dwe7490x, 10 inch table, rip fence, throat plate, push stick, miter gauge, riving knife, Site-Pro modular guarding systemthroat plate

* KEEP OUT OF THE SAW BLADE LINE. Spread as much as possible.
* USE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES. The use of improper accessories can lead to injury.
* DO NOT USE THIS MACHINE until it is completely assembled and installed following the instructions. A poorly mounted machine can cause severe damage.
* GET ADVICE from your supervisor, instructor, or another qualified person if you are not entirely familiar with the operation of this machine. Knowledge is security.

dewalt dwe7490x, 10 inch table, rip fence, throat plate, push stick, miter gauge, riving knife, Site-Pro modular guarding systemthroat plate

Your table saw is equipped with a blade guard assembly, an anti-recoil assembly and a separator blade that covers the edge and reduces the risk of accidental contact with the side. The separating blade is a flat plate that fits into the cut made by the saw blade and effectively fights the recoil by decreasing the tendency of the edge to knot in the wound. The blade guard assembly and anti-kickback assembly can only be used for cuts that cut wood. When making rabbits and other cuts that are not sharp, the blade guard and anti-kickback device must be removed, and the curling blade lowered to the non-penetration position indicated on the division blade.

 Two anti-recoil sides are located on the sides of the splitter blade, allowing the wood to pass through the edge in the cutting direction while reducing the risk of splashing the material to the operator. Use all the components of the protection system (blade guard, riving knife, and back-up kit) for each operation for which they can be used, even during the whole cut. If you choose not to use any of these components for a particular application, be especially careful with regard to the control of the workpiece, the use of pushrods, the position of your hands relative to the blade, the use of safety glasses, the means of avoiding recoil and all other warnings contained in this manual and on the saw. Replace protective systems as soon as you resume cutting operations. Keep the guard in good working order.

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